• Le Future
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  • 30.06.2020
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  • How to build the future tense in French
    1. put the person (I =  je)
    2. put 'vais'
    3. put the infinitive of the verb

    Example: Je + vais + manger.   =    I am going to eat.

    (infinitive is the basic form of the verb, this is how you can find it in the dictionary)





    Put the verb in the brackets into the future tense.

    Je . (aller) - to go
    Je . (regarder) - to watch
    Je . (écouter) - to listen
    Je . (manger) - to eat
    Je . (jouer) - to play
    Je . (parler) - to talk
    Je . (arriver) - to arrive
    Je . (voyager) - to play

    Now translate the sentences you've written into English.
    Write in your book.
    • Example: Je vais aller. I am going to go.