• Present Perfect Progressive
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  • 30.06.2020
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  • Englisch
  • B2
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Hinweis zum Einsatz im Unterricht

  • Signal words

    all day, the whole day, since, for, questions with how long

    How the present perfect progressive is build:

    It is used when an event or an action from the past is on-going in the present. Mostly with the signal words since or for. Example:

    It is also used when an action is finished but the process is being stressed. Example:

    The writer of One Republic's song Counting Stars made a few mistakes and did not use the present perfect progressive right. Can you correct it? Cross out the wrong parts in the lyrics and write the corrected version of the song next to it.
  • Tip

    Including some of the signal words from above might be helpful.

    Now write your own song text with the present perfect progressive. You can do it in pairs or on your own. If you want to, you can present it to the class.
    • Include the words love, summer and fun.