• Artificial Intelligence in everyday life
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  • 30.06.2020
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Artificial Intelligence in everyday life

Artificial Intelligence In 5 Minutes | Simplilearn
Watch the video and complete the following tasks.
Fill in the blanks.

Machines are artificially intelligent if they are incorporated with human-like intelligence to perform tasks like humans do.

Which of the following forms of AI ...
have you already used
would you use if available
would you never want to use
in mobile phones
in cars
in social media
in computer games
in banking
in surveillance
Which of the following abilities make up artificial intelligence?
Which of the below AI projects don't exist yet?
Fill in the blanks.

Machine learning is a technique to achieve artificial intelligence. Deep learning is a subset of machine learning. Machine learning provides a machine with the capability to learn from data and experience through algorithms. Deep learning learns through ways inspired by the human brain. Through deep learning data and patterns can be better perceived.

AI project

A large internet company is tendering a competition to develop a new AI application. The best proposal will be supported with $ 10 million in research funding.

Your task: With your group of 4-5 developers create an idea of how one could improve or simplify people's everyday lives with artificial intelligence.

Name. Find a name for your AI application.
Describe. What does it do?
Explain. How does it work?
Promote. Why should your idea get the funding?
Present. Make a short presentation in front of your class to pitch your idea.

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