• Song: Father And Son
  • Anja Böckmann
  • 30.06.2020
  • Englisch
  • 8
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Father And Son

Song­wri­ter: CAT STE­VENS


You’re still young and that’s your fault

there’s so much you have to know


Lis­ten to the song and find out in every verse eit­her if the father is tal­king or the son.
You can lis­ten to the song here
You can read the text here

a chan­ge – Wech­sel,   to relax – ent­span­nen,   take it easy – immer mit der Ruhe,   still – immer noch,  

fault – Feh­ler,     to sett­le down – be­stän­dig wer­den,   once – ein­mal,   calm – ruhig,   to go on – ge­sche­hen,   take your time – lass dir Zeit,   to order – be­feh­len,   to go through so­me­thing – etwas durch­ma­chen,  

de­cis­i­on – Ent­schei­dung,   to keep – be­hal­ten,   hard – schwie­rig, schwer,   to igno­re it – es nicht be­ach­ten

  • What would you like to say to your father (mo­ther)?
    - 7 mi­nu­tes -
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Hel­pfull words and phra­ses for your dis­cus­sion:

ag­gres­si­ve – ag­gres­si­ve,   su­per­fi­cial – ober­fläch­lich,   pa­tro­ni­zing – be­vor­mun­dend,   full of des­pair – vol­ler Ver­zweif­lung,   at his­wits´ end – mit sei­ner Weis­heit am Ende,   des­pai­ring – ver­zwei­felnd,   hel­pless – hilf­los,   sad – trau­rig,   com­pla­cent – selbst­zu­frie­den,  me­lan­cho­lic – schwer­mü­tig,   full of self-​pity – vol­ler Selbst­mit­leid