• Role Cards Gun Control
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  • 30.06.2020
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CEO of H&K
  • You want to pro­du­ce and sell fire­arms in the US
  • You do not want more re­gu­la­ti­ons on wea­pons
  • You think your firm is eco­no­mic­al­ly be­ne­fi­cial for the US
Anti-​gun ac­ti­vist
  • You do not want H&K to ex­pand to the US
  • You think pro­du­cing and sel­ling wea­pons for pro­fit
    is un­ethi­cal
  • You want more re­gu­la­ti­ons on fire­arms
Pru­dent po­li­ti­ci­an
  • You are caught in the midd­le
  • You pro­fit from the gun lobby
  • You are forced to act again­st the in­cre­ase of mass shoo­tings in the US
Dis­cus­sion lea­der
  • Your task is to in­tro­du­ce the topic and keep the dis­cus­sion going
  • For your pre­pa­ra­ti­on con­sider...
    • What do the dif­fe­rent par­ties want?
    • How can they ju­sti­fy their in­te­rests?
    • How can they ju­sti­fy ne­glec­ting others‘ in­te­rests?
    • How does their back­ground in­for­ma­ti­on sup­port their ar­gu­ments?