• Passive - Exercise
  • Christian Mayr
  • 30.06.2020
  • Mittlere Reife
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  • Passive exercise: St. patrick's Day in the united states

    Fill in the verbs in the present tense. Use the passive voice!

    St. Patrick's Day (celebrate) on March 17. On this day, many shops (close) and many people don't go to work because big parades (show) and wild parties (visit).
    To celebrate this special day, the rivers in Chicago (colour) green and a green tie (often / wear).

    A dog takes part in a St. Patrick's Day parade
    The verb in the passive voice

    For the passive voice, your verb needs two parts:

    Form of "to be" + past participle

    You can change the tense of the verb in the form of "to be".


    Active: Peter opens the window.

    Passive: The window is opened by Peter.

    Which is correct passive form?
    Active: Amy bought two tickets.
    • Two tickets bought Amy.
    • Two tickets are bought by Amy.
    • Two tickets were bought by Amy.
    • Two tickets was buyed by Amy.
    A shamrock
    Fill in the verbs in brackets in the correct tense. Mind the form!

    Irish music (to play) everywhere on St. Patrick’s Day.
    Last year, the celebration (to start) at 12 a.m..
    Some shirts (to paint) green by their owners next year.
    The people’s origins (to remember) on this special day.
    Next year, even more streets (close) for the parades in the city.
    (huge parades / make) in New York City last year?