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  • 30.06.2020
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Re­por­ted Speech

You use re­por­ted speech when you re­peat what so­me­o­ne said wit­hout quo­ting their words.

Re­por­ted Speech in the Simp­le Past Tense:

If we want to re­peat so­me­thing so­me­o­ne said ear­lier, we need to use a re­por­ting verb (e.g. say/tell or ask) in the simp­le past. The verb in the sen­tence we want to re­peat also needs to be chan­ged to the simp­le past. To re­port a ques­ti­on, we add the word if which is fol­lo­wed by the ques­ti­on in the simp­le past.

Ex­am­ple State­ment:

Rep. verb + per­son + simp­le past form

Di­rect speech: I like her.

Re­por­ted speech: You said you liked her.

Ex­am­ple Ques­ti­on:

Rep. verb + if + per­son + simp­le past form

Di­rect speech: Do you like him?

Re­por­ted speech: You asked if I liked him.

The Talk. Look at the sen­ten­ces below. You have to help out Tom. Re­peat his words to Liz using re­por­ted speech.

Keep in mind that you have to chan­ge the pro­nouns (hers, his, etc./me, her, him, etc.)!

Tom: Hi there! I need your help. I just don't know how to talk to Liz. Plea­se tell her what I said!

"I like Liz very much!"

Tom said he liked you very much.

"Does she still like me?"

"She is ex­tre­me­ly smart."

"We study together."

"I live two streets away from her."

"She seems to be re­al­ly cool!"

"Does she like to go on dates?"

Re­por­ted Speech of a Re­quest:

If we do not want to re­port a state­ment or a ques­ti­on but a re­quest, the re­por­ted speech is for­med dif­fer­ent­ly. In­s­tead of using the simp­le past form of the verb in the ori­gi­nal sen­tence, we use the in­fi­ni­ti­ve.

Ex­am­ple Re­quest (+):

Rep. verb + to + in­fi­ni­ti­ve

Di­rect speech: Talk to her!

In­di­rect speech: She told me to talk to her.

Ex­am­ple Re­quest (-):

Rep. verb + not to + in­fi­ni­ti­ve

Di­rect speech: Don't worry!

Re­por­ted speech: He told me not to worry.

The Date. Tom and Liz fi­nal­ly have a date and they have a lot to tell each other. Find the re­quests in the speech bub­bles.
  • Write down the re­qests in re­por­ted speech in the lines.

Did you know I like you? Don't lie!

Don't worry about the money! I want to pay for you.

Let me help you. Here, take my hand!

Don't for­get to text me when you get home!

Re­vi­si­on. Jil wants to know ever­ything about the date. Liz tells her about the con­ver­sa­ti­on with Tom using re­por­ted speech. Which of the sen­ten­ces was the ori­gi­nal one?
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He asked if I was ner­vous.
I asked him if he lived in a flat.
He said he en­joy­ed my com­pa­ny!
I said I wan­ted to see him again.
He men­tio­ned he had a sis­ter.
He told me to be­lie­ve in mys­elf...