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  • 30.06.2020
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Reported Speech

You use reported speech when you repeat what someone said without quoting their words.

Reported Speech in the Simple Past Tense:

If we want to repeat something someone said earlier, we need to use a reporting verb (e.g. say/tell or ask) in the simple past. The verb in the sentence we want to repeat also needs to be changed to the simple past. To report a question, we add the word if which is followed by the question in the simple past.

Example Statement:

Rep. verb + person + simple past form

Direct speech: I like her.
Reported speech: You said you liked her.

Example Question:

Rep. verb + if + person + simple past form

Direct speech: Do you like him?

Reported speech: You asked if I liked him.

The Talk. Look at the sentences below. You have to help out Tom. Repeat his words to Liz using reported speech.

Keep in mind that you have to change the pronouns (hers, his, etc./me, her, him, etc.)!

Tom: Hi there! I need your help. I just don't know how to talk to Liz. Please tell her what I said!

"I like Liz very much!"

Tom said he liked you very much.

"Does she still like me?"

"She is extremely smart."

"We study together."

"I live two streets away from her."

"She seems to be really cool!"

"Does she like to go on dates?"


Reported Speech of a Request:

If we do not want to report a statement or a question but a request, the reported speech is formed differently. Instead of using the simple past form of the verb in the original sentence, we use the infinitive.

Example Request (+):

Rep. verb + to + infinitive

Direct speech: Talk to her!

Indirect speech: She told me to talk to her.

Example Request (-):

Rep. verb + not to + infinitive

Direct speech: Don't worry!
Reported speech: He told me not to worry.

The Date. Tom and Liz finally have a date and they have a lot to tell each other. Find the requests in the speech bubbles.
  • Write down the reqests in reported speech in the lines.

Did you know I like you? Don't lie!

Don't worry about the money! I want to pay for you.

Let me help you. Here, take my hand!

Don't forget to text me when you get home!

Revision. Jil wants to know everything about the date. Liz tells her about the conversation with Tom using reported speech. Which of the sentences was the original one?
  • Nutze dazu das Maßband
He asked if I was nervous.
  • Am I nervous?
  • Were you nervous?
  • Are you nervous?
I asked him if he lived in a flat.
  • Did you live in a flat?
  • Do you live in a flat?
  • Have you lived in a flat?
He said he enjoyed my company!
  • He enjoys my company!
  • I enjoyed your company!
  • I enjoy your company!
I said I wanted to see him again.
  • I want to see him again!
  • I want to see you again!
  • I wanted to see you again!
He mentioned he had a sister.
  • He has a sister.
  • I have a sister.
  • I mentioned he has a sister.
He told me to believe in myself...
  • Believe in yourself!
  • Tell me to believe in myself!
  • Believe me in myself!