• Working at the hotel reception - with audio file (s. Hinweise)
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  • 30.06.2020
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Hinweis zum Einsatz im Unterricht

If you teach hotel trainees, this is a simple but effective worksheet. Simply insert the name of a hotel in your area and either print out information on the hotel (or provide a QR code if your students can use their smartphones in lessons). You will also need to provide the students with a menu from this hotel (or cheat and use one from a different hotel).

Of course, you can adapt this to be a written exercise as the students could write an email reply for each query. If you want to make the exercise a little more challenging, record the queries as an audio file in the form of a voice message from the sick colleague. That way you can practise listening skills and get the students to write down the information for each query.

Link to audio file with example of voice message:



You work at the Hotel XXX in XXX. Your hotel has recently expanded and more and more English speaking guests are booking rooms. A British exchange student who is working at the front desk has become ill and needs your help.

She has received phone calls from some English-speaking guests who need answers to their queries.

Below you will find the notes from the telephone conversations.

Phone call number 1
A group of Spanish guests would like to book a table for a birthday party in the restaurant in your hotel. They have asked if you can suggest a delicious 4-course menu.
Phone call number 2
A company from the Netherlands would like a book a conference for managers from all over the world. They would like to hold the conference in a very special ambiente. What can you offer them? Describe the rooms, the amenities and give some examples for food and drink.
Phone call number 3
A couple from the UK would like to celebrate their wedding at your hotel. What can you offer them? Why is your hotel ideal for weddings?
Phone call number 4
Three girlfriends from Norway who are studying in Germany would like to spend a weekend at your hotel. They cannot decide if they want a culinary weekend or an active weekend. Please give them information on both options.
Phone call number 5
A young family from Sweden is visiting relatives in the area. They need more information about whether your hotel is suitable for families travelling with young chidren.

Make notes in English so you can phone the guests and answer their questions.


To help you answer the phone calls, here is the website of the hotel XXX in XXX:

You will also receive a copy of the menu from the restaurant XXX for this task.