• Listening: At the airport
  • Vanessa Mair
  • 30.06.2020
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Listen to the text and answer the questions!

The family is at the...
  • ...trainstation
  • ...airport
  • ...parking lot
  • ...cabstation
Daves surname is...
  • Smith
  • Meller
  • Miller
  • Minner
Dave is...
  • a friend
  • a colleague
  • a relative
  • the pilot
Fill in the Information!

The name of the Father is Andreas. The name of his wife is Maria. Her son is called Pedro. He is 15 years old!. His daughter is called Anna. She is 11 years old.
Mother and son are origninally from Brazil.

Right or wrong?
not in the text
1. Maria is Pedros wife!
2. Dave is Pedros father!
3. Andreas is Pedros father!
4. Two of the Fernandez are from Brazil!
5. The family moves to England!
6. The father works at a trainstation!
7. Anna loves England!
8. Daves picks them up with a taxi!
9. Andreas works at the tube in London!
10. Pedro is excited to be in London!