• Beowulf
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  • 14.05.2020
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Check Your Understanding
Bring the events into the correct order:
Chose numbers 1, first event, to 12 for the last event, solely relying on your memory.

____ Beowulf kills the dragon, but receives a mortal wound in the fight.

____ Beowulf is thanked by King Hrothgar, who bestows rich gifts on him and hosts a feast in his honor.

____ Beowulf goes to sleep after the feast, but in his absence Heorot is attacked again by Grendel's mother.

____ Beowulf returns to the surface with Grendel's head and the hilt of the sword that killed Grendel's mother.

____ Beowulf receives additional gifts and thanks from King Hrothgar.

____ Beowulf and his followers return to Geatland.

____ When Grendel attacks Heorot Hall, Beowulf meets him in hand-to-hand combat. Beowulf tears Grendel's arm from his socket, mortally wounding the monster.

____ Beowulf is graciously received by King Hrothgar and Queen Wealhtheow, who gratefully accept his offer of help.

____ Beowulf tracks the dragon to its lair and fights it with the help of his follower, Wiglaf.

____ Beowulf, along with a group of Geatish warriors, sails across the sea to the land of the Danes to fight the demon Grendel.

____ After Hygelac and his kinsmen are killed in battle, Beowulf becomes the king of the Geats and reigns for fifty years.

____ Beowulf tracks Grendel's mother to her lair in a cave under a lake and kills her with a sword he finds there.

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