• How to be polite
  • Ulrike_Jentz
  • 30.06.2020
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Use­ful phra­ses

As­king for per­mis­si­on:

Do you mind if...

Would it be a pro­blem, if...

I was won­de­ring if...

Tur­ning down an in­vi­tai­on:

I would love to, but...

That sounds great, but...

I am afraid I can't...

Not un­der­stan­ding:


Par­don me?

Ex­cu­se me?

Ma­king a re­quest:

May I...

Could I...

Would you plea­se...


You have got a point, but...

I see, but...

That is true, but...

What could you say in these si­tu­a­ti­ons?

a) It is hot in the room and you want some­bo­dy to open the win­dow.

b) You do not like the food in a re­stau­rant.

c) Your drink is empty and you would like a re­fill.

d) You are in­vi­ted to a bir­th­day party but you do not have time.

e) You did not un­der­stand some­bo­dy's ques­ti­on.

Work with a part­ner.
Think of a si­tu­a­ti­on in which you would have to be poli­te. Write a dia­lo­gue and try to in­clu­de as many of the phra­ses as you can.
Which ans­wer is more poli­te?
Som­bo­dy asks you for di­rec­tions
You need a pen.
Some­bo­dy is tal­king on their phone very loud­ly.
You are loo­king for so­me­thing in a shop.