• How to be polite
  • Ulrike_Jentz
  • 30.06.2020
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  • Useful phrases

    Asking for permission:

    Do you mind if...

    Would it be a problem, if...

    I was wondering if...

    Turning down an invitaion:

    I would love to, but...

    That sounds great, but...

    I am afraid I can't...

    Not understanding:


    Pardon me?

    Excuse me?

    Making a request:

    May I...

    Could I...

    Would you please...


    You have got a point, but...

    I see, but...

    That is true, but...

    What could you say in these situations?

    a) It is hot in the room and you want somebody to open the window.

    b) You do not like the food in a restaurant.

    c) Your drink is empty and you would like a refill.

    d) You are invited to a birthday party but you do not have time.

    e) You did not understand somebody's question.

    Work with a partner.
    Think of a situation in which you would have to be polite. Write a dialogue and try to include as many of the phrases as you can.
    Which answer is more polite?
    Sombody asks you for directions
    • I don't know
    • Sorry, but I have no idea.
    • Get a map.
    You need a pen.
    • Can I have that?
    • Give me the pen.
    • Could I borrow your pen?
    Somebody is talking on their phone very loudly.
    • Could you please talk a little more quietly?
    • You are getting on my nerves.
    • There are other people in this room.
    You are looking for something in a shop.
    • Where is...
    • I was wondering if you have any...
    • I need...