• Your turn: be creative!
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  • 30.06.2020
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    Scenario: You are a famous influencer on youtube and instagram. WWF and Unicef are planning a campaign together and they have asked you for your support. The campaign is supposed to address different global issues.
    In your groups... :
    • Decide on an issue that you would like to help raise awareness on.
    • Collect relevant information on your topic → ideally, you should have a fair ammount ready in your folder.
    • Select pieces of information that you would like to use in your video.
    • Write a script for your video → go to task 2.

    Feel free to use this space to note down your selected information ;)

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    How to...
    write a script.
    • Describe the set! Example:

      The speaker sits on the floor in front of a purple wall. Next to him, there is a bunch of flowers in a vase.

    • Use direct speech! Example:

      Julien: Welcome to my new video, guys! Today's topic is very serious, I'm sorry to tell you that...

    • Use stage directions! Example:

      Julien turns his back to the camera and stops speaking. The camera angle changes from top to bottom.

    • For the structure: Keep in mind what you know about the AIDA principle - it works just as fine with videos! Use it!