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  • 30.06.2020
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A gal­lery walk: Ce­le­bra­ti­ons

De­ci­de on one ce­le­bra­ti­on that you want to pre­sent to the class later. 5 min
Take notes on the fol­lo­wing ques­ti­ons and write them into your exer­ci­se book (only key­words). 10 min

When does the ce­le­bra­ti­on take place?

Why do we ce­le­bra­te it?

Where does the ce­le­bra­ti­on take place?

What hap­pens at the ce­le­bra­ti­on?

What do people eat at the ce­le­bra­ti­on?


Crea­te a pos­ter: You can write down key­words or draw pic­tures. 10 min

Prac­ti­ce your pre­sen­ta­ti­on in your group: EVER­Y­O­NE of your group should be able to pre­sent the pos­ter to their class­ma­tes. 10 min

Your pre­sen­ta­ti­on should be about 2 mi­nu­tes long

You may use your notes in your exer­ci­se book

Do not read out the whole in­for­ma­ti­on