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  • 30.06.2020
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Imagine you are a fortune teller and write 5 sentences about what you think your future will be like in 15 years.
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Fill in the gaps using the correct verb form - either the will future or the simple past. The signal words will help you decide.
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It Lücken (be) very rainy last weekend but the weather report says that it Lücken Lücken (be) sunny this Saturday and Sunday.

The kids from the adventure club are planning a weekend away, but where Lücken they Lücken (go)? Together, they are talking about their ideas. We Lücken (go) to Snowdonia last month, I really hope that we Lücken Lücken (travel) somewhere new this time, says Adam. His friends agree. Lucky you, Mrs. Lee laughs. We Lücken Lücken (visit) Dartmoor this weekend. Cool, replies Ellie my friend Amy Lücken (tell) me about her weekend there. She Lücken (say) it's great there. But isn't Dartmoor a national park?, asks Tom. What Lücken we Lücken (do) there? Mrs. Lee gives them a brochure and tells them to have a look at it. See, there's lots to do in Dartmoor. We Lücken Lücken (play) a team-building game, we Lücken Lücken (take) a hike, but don't worry, we Lücken Lücken Lücken (not do) a mud run. It's too messy!

Match the correct questions and answers. Use the same number for the correct pair.
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    When will the party start?
  • 4
    Amy's mum will drive us there.
  • 3
    I'm not sure, I think 4 or 5.
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    How many of your friends will be at the party?
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    How will you get to Mia's party?
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    At 7 pm, I think.
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    When will the party be over?
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    It won't be too late. Maybe 11 pm.
Answer the questions below using the short form of the will-future.
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1. Will you take any snacks for the bus trip to Dartmoor?

2. I'll definitely pack my hiking boots. Will you bring yours?

3. Will it rain this afternoon or will it be sunny?

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