• Going to - future
  • Fräulein_Katze
  • 30.06.2020
  • Englisch
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Wenn du über Ab­sich­ten und Pläne für die Zu­kunft spre­chen willst, ver­wen­dest du das Futur mit going to.

Es wird mit einer Form von be ge­bil­det (am, are, is) + going to + In­fi­ni­tiv ge­bil­det.

Falls du hier­zu noch Fra­gen hast, blät­te­re in dei­nem Eng­lisch­ord­ner, dort fin­dest du das Re­gel­blatt ☺️

Po­si­ti­ve Sätze - Setze die pas­sen­de Form von be ein.

Jack is going to watch tv this eve­ning.

Jo going to read a book.

We going to go to the ci­ne­ma.

Emily going to meet her fri­ends.

I going to visit my grand­mo­ther to­mor­row.

Ne­ga­ti­ve Sätze - Setze die pas­sen­de Form von be und not ein.

Dan isn't going to go to school this week, be­cau­se he is ill.

I going to clean my flat today.

Sarah's fa­mi­ly going to the at­tr­ac­tions in Bris­tol, be­cau­se they going to be in Bris­tol du­ring ho­li­days.

You going to play foot­ball, be­cau­se it will rain.

Setze nun die pas­sen­de Form von be und going to ein.

We play games after the exams, be­cau­se we lear­ned well.

To­mor­row Jack meet his girl­fri­end in the zoo to look at all the ani­mals.

You learn on Sun­day.

I phone Sarah be­cau­se I for­got her birth­day yes­ter­day.

Nach­dem du alle an­de­ren Auf­ga­ben er­le­digt hast, ver­su­che die schwie­ri­ge Auf­ga­be. Setze die ge­sam­te rich­ti­ge Form ein (Er­in­ne­rung: Form von be + going to + In­fi­ni­tiv). Das Verb steht immer hin­ten in der Klam­mer.

Bsp.: I am going to play (play) foot­ball to­mor­row.

Hello Grand­ma! The weather is be­au­ti­ful. What are we going to do this weekend?
We (visit) Bris­tol. It is a nice idea, isn't it?
I'd like that! I (go) on a bike tour first.
What about you Dan?
I (not go) on a bike tour. I (meet) fri­ends at the zoo. I want to see the lions.
That sounds in­te­resting! I think Grand­pa and I (wait) for you in a nice litt­le re­stau­rant.
Dan and Jo
OK Grand­ma, this sounds great. We (have) a nice day!