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  • 02.11.2020
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    My friend Peter’s new school, the (1) (HTL) of Snowmountain, is quite different from the school he went to before. It has a lot of new (2) (Unterrichtsgegenstände) like mechatronics, electrical engineering and (3) (Werkstätte). The first weeks have been difficult for Peter, because becoming an (4) (Ingenieur) means that he has to spend many hours at school. Luckily, he really likes his class, because everyone is friendly and he even got elected (5) (Klassensprecher). At 12.30 p.m. all of the students (6) (für gewöhnlich) have their lunch break. This week is very stressful, because Peter has to (7) (sich vorbereiten) for a science test and he got many (8) (Aufgaben) for this week.

    Write an English sentence with the word given (min.5 words).

    1. introduce

    2. gossip

    3. get off

    4. attend

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    Explain the words given in ENGLISH

    1. department

    2. principal

    3. equipment

    4. janitor

    Translate the words into English

    1. Klassenkameraden

    2. Gewicht

    3. Klassenvorstand

    4. Maschinenbau

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