• Channel 10 Grammar #1 if clauses explanation video
  • Sascha Lesum
  • 30.06.2020
  • Englisch
  • 7, 8, 9, 10
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If-clauses - Conditional sentences - Bedingungssätze

Now that you have become a real pro in using if-clauses, it's time to use your new superpower. Your task is to produce an explanation video about all three if-clauses. The content of your video must be connected to our topic South Africa.

Choose a partner for this task.
Open the app Plotagon on your iPad.
Tip #1

If the app is not on your iPad, open the app SelfService and download Plotagon.

Now create two characters for your video.
Then choose your first setting.
Tip #2

If it's your first time using Plotagon, take a look at the tutorial. Just click on the camera symbol in the lower bar and then choose "Tutorial: An Example Plot".

Now comes the important part. You have to create a plot for your story.

Remember: you have to cover all three if-clauses in a positive and negative statement and it must be connected to our topic South Africa.
Tip #3

You can use only the free stuff in this app! But don't worry, there's enough stuff for creating and producing fantastic videos.

Last but not least:
Be creative and productive!!! You can do that!!! Believe me!!!
Tipp #4

Don't get too distracted by doing crazy and funny things with your characters! Stick to your task!!!

Make sure you clicked the subtitles on before you download your video!
Tip #5

To produce a brilliant video, you can record the dialogues with your own voice instead of using the computer voices.

When your video is finished, download it and send it to your teacher via Airdrop.