• Channel 10 Grammar #1 if clauses explanation video
  • Sascha Lesum
  • 30.06.2020
  • Englisch
  • 7, 8, 9, 10
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If-​clauses - Con­di­ti­o­nal sen­ten­ces - Be­din­gungs­sät­ze

Now that you have be­co­me a real pro in using if-​clauses, it's time to use your new su­per­pow­er. Your task is to pro­du­ce an ex­pla­na­ti­on video about all three if-​clauses. The con­tent of your video must be con­nec­ted to our topic South Afri­ca.

Choo­se a part­ner for this task.
Open the app Plo­t­a­gon on your iPad.
Tip #1

If the app is not on your iPad, open the app Self­Ser­vice and down­load Plo­t­a­gon.

Now crea­te two cha­rac­ters for your video.
Then choo­se your first set­ting.
Tip #2

If it's your first time using Plo­t­a­gon, take a look at the tu­to­ri­al. Just click on the ca­me­ra sym­bol in the lower bar and then choo­se "Tu­to­ri­al: An Ex­amp­le Plot".

Now comes the im­portant part. You have to crea­te a plot for your story.

Re­mem­ber: you have to cover all three if-​clauses in a po­si­ti­ve and ne­ga­ti­ve state­ment and it must be con­nec­ted to our topic South Afri­ca.
Tip #3

You can use only the free stuff in this app! But don't worry, there's enough stuff for crea­ting and pro­du­cing fan­ta­stic vi­de­os.

Last but not least:
Be crea­ti­ve and pro­duc­ti­ve!!! You can do that!!! Be­lie­ve me!!!
Tipp #4

Don't get too dis­trac­ted by doing crazy and funny things with your cha­rac­ters! Stick to your task!!!

Make sure you cli­cked the sub­tit­les on be­fo­re you down­load your video!
Tip #5

To pro­du­ce a bril­li­ant video, you can re­cord the dia­lo­gues with your own voice in­s­tead of using the com­pu­ter voices.

When your video is fi­nis­hed, down­load it and send it to your teacher via Air­drop.