• The passive- simple past and simple present
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  • 30.06.2020
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Hinweis zum Einsatz im Unterricht

Das Passiv

Das Passiv wird benötigt, um auszudrücken, was mit jemandem oder etwas geschieht bzw. gemacht wird.

Du bildest das passiv mit einer Form von be und der 3.Form des Verbs (past participle). Im simple present steht also am, are oder is mit der 3. Form: The teacher is asked about the exercise. Im simple past steht was oder were vor der dritten Form.

I was helped by my teacher.

Fill in the right form of the verb be. Make sure to use am are is for simple present and was/ were for simple past.
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  • I am helped by my teacher, if I don't understand something.
  • I was helped when I had a question yesterday.
  • Mr. Günther was asked many questions yesterday.
  • All students were shown the right answers in the end of the lesson.
  • Sometimes a lot of mistakes are made in English class.
  • The test is passed around by Tim.
  • The test was taken last week.
  • The tests are corrected when we get them back.
Fill in the 3rd form of the verbs in brackets (past participle).
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Many films are Lücke (make) in Hollywood. The studios are Lücke (build) for shooting new movies. Little streets, buildings and whole cities Lücke (put up) for the movies. Also special costumes, cars and things are Lücke (create). The studios are Lücke (visit) by many tourist. Many photographs are Lücke (take) there. If you are lucky, a movie is Lücke (film) when you are there. Tickets are Lücke (sell) for $10.

Fill in the gaps use the correct form of be and the 3. Form of the verb. Use simple past Here's an example: I (drive) to school by dad = I was driven to school by dad.
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A woman Lücke (hit) by a car.
Unfortunatley she Lücke (hurt).
An ambulance Lücke (call) immediately.
She Lücke (take) to hospital quickly.
There she Lücke (help) by the doctors.
In the evening she Lücke (send) home.

Fill in the gaps use the correct form of be and the 3. Form of the verb. Use simple present Here's an example: Many fruits (grow) in CAL. = Many fruits are grown in CAL.
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California Lücke (know) for its beautiful landscape.
The ocean, the mountains and the sun Lücke (love) by tourists.
California's famous cities Lücke (visit) by millions every year.
But the national parks Lücke (go) to by many as well.
Many animals and breathtaking nature Lücke (see) by park visitors.
Many pictures Lücke (take) in front of the giant trees.

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