• Minecraft Mike
  • pikous@eduhi.at
  • 30.06.2020
  • Englisch
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Lis­ten­ to the poem Mine­craft Mike.
Match the sen­tence hal­ves of verse 1.
  • Hello, my fri­ends.
  • I never hike
  • You see,
  • is play­ing
  • or ride a bike.
  • the only thing I like
  • lots of Mine­craft.
  • My name is Mike.

Kenn Nes­bitt. Co­py­right © 2015. All Rights Re­ser­ve­d.


Lis­ten­ to verse 2 and fill in the verbs.
  • I never , or a tree,
    or a ship across­ the sea.
    Why, I don’t even TV.
    I just lots of Mine­craft.
Lis­ten­ to verse 3 and fill in the gaps.
  • I don’t play of any sorts,
  • on or courts,
  • in trai­ning and run­ning .
  • I’m only good at .
Lis­ten­ to verse 4.
What's the cor­rect order of the sen­ten­ces?
  • I’m busy play­ing Mine­craft.
  • or in­stant mes­sa­ge, text, or chat.
  • You’ll never see me pet the cat,
  • or shop on­line to buy a hat,
Com­ple­te verse 5. What's the cor­rect line?
  • is play­ing lots of Mine­craft.
  • I just like play­ing Mine­craft.
  • is mul­ti­play­er Mine­craft.

In fact, I’m busy as can be,

so if you’d like to talk to me,

there’s just one way, and that, you see,


hike - wan­dern, sail - se­geln, short­s - kurze Hosen, busy - be­schäf­tigt, aus­ge­las­tet, pet - strei­cheln

mul­ti­play­er - Mehr­spie­ler, in fact - ei­gent­lich, there's just one way - es gibt nur eine Mög­lich­keit

What can you see in the pic­tures?