• Personal Profile: Dos or Don'ts
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  • I'm a lazy average person ... whatever.

    In the following you are presented three personal profiles written by applicants for a job as an assistant for social media and public relations on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat for a surfing and snowboarding online shop.
    • Analyze the following personal profiles in terms of language, content, style and register.

    the style of language, grammar, and words used for particular situations: People chatting at a party will usually be talking in (an) informal register..

    Text 1: Personal profile, Jeff R.

    I am a very talented and gifted person in all kind of situations. Let's face it. I am awesome and that's the reason why I'm the perfect guy for you're job. I am creative and I have my own Instagram account, so seriously, I already know my stuff.

    Would love hearing from you.

    Text 2: Personal profile, Gene S.

    Most of the time I am a really reliable person. Even my mother tells me that from time to time. I'm not that good at working in a team but I want to get better, I promise! My main hobby is actually instagram, so my job would be my hobby, too.

    If you have questions, feel free to ask.

    Text 3: Personal profile, Jack K.

    Honestly, I am not the most organized person in the world, nevertheless I'll get done every job I have to.

    And it might take more time compared to others but I am a very nice person. Ask people. They will verify that. Sometimes I am a bit tired but if a job raises my interest, I am at least in there to 75%.

    Always doing my best!

    Useful phrases / vocab:

    to hire s.o. = to take s.o. for the job
    to be gifted = to be a talented person
    to raise interest = Interesse wecken
    employer = boss
    employee = worker
    to be reliable - you keep your promises / you are there on time

    For a discussion:
    I would hire XXX, because ....
    He - she seems to have some problems - weaknesses - strengths -
    He - she doesn't seem to be reliable ...

    Imagine you are in the position of an employer. Discuss whether you would want to hire one of those persons.