• My ideal place to live
  • MissTurk
  • 30.06.2020
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My ideal place to live

Read the following text.
  • Find the beginning, middle and end in this text.
  • Where should a new paragraph start ?

I have lived in Freiburg all my life. I like it very much.It's a small city. You can reach any place by tram or by bike. The city has nice old buildings. There arelots of nice cafes and shops. When you want to meetfriends you can meet them at one of the nice parks.There are also nice lakes close to the city where you can see ducks and ride boats. You can also do sports in one of the football fields or parks. Finally most of the people here are very nice and welcoming to newpeople. I think Freiburg is the ideal place to live because you have nature and the city very close by.
- Tina

Tina's text isn't very interesting. Rewrite it and make it more interesting.
Remember to use adjectives and linking words!