• Song: We're Going to Be Friends
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  • 30.06.2020
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We're Going to Be Fri­ends

'We're Going to Be Fri­ends' is a sin­gle by the Ame­ri­can al­ter­na­ti­ve rock band White Stripes from their album White Blood Cells. It was re­leased in late 2002, and tells the story of mee­ting a new fri­end at the be­gin­ning of a school year.

The video fea­tures Jack White play­ing the gui­tar on a couch and his (ex-)wife Meg slee­ping along­si­de him.

Singer-​songwriter Jack John­son re­cor­ded a cover of the song on his album Sing-​A-Longs and Lulla­bies for the film Cu­rious Ge­or­ge. The song was also pre­sen­ted on the movie Won­der (2017) at the be­gin­ning and was re­pea­ted again in the movie with a cover ver­si­on per­for­med by Ca­ro­li­ne Pen­nell.

Meg & Jack, The White Stripes
Lis­ten to the song on You­Tube and fill in the gaps. It's the Jack John­son ver­si­on of the song!

Fall is here, hear the yell, to school, ring the .

Brand new , wal­king blues, climb the fence, books and .

I can that we are gonna be fri­ends. Yes, I can tell that we are gonna be .

Walk with me Suzy Lee through the and by the tree.

We can rest upon the ground and at all the bugs we've found.

Safe­ly walk to wit­hout a sound. We safe­ly walk to school a sound.

These are the ly­rics of the 3rd and 4th verse. What's the cor­rect order?
  • Num­bers, let­ters, learn to spell, nouns and books and show and tell.
  • The te­acher marks our height again­st the wall. (2x)
  • Play time we will throw the ball, then back to class through the hall.
  • There's dirt on our uni­forms from cha­sing all the ants and worms.
  • We clean up and now it's time to learn. (2x)
  • Well here we are, no one else, we walk to school all by our­sel­ves.
These are the ly­rics of the Bridge. High­light all the con­junc­tions.
  • And we don't no­ti­ce any time pass 'cause we don't no­ti­ce anything.
  • And we sit side by side in every class, the te­acher thinks that I sound funny.
  • But she likes it when you sing.
Here are the ly­rics of the last verse. What goes together?
  • To­night I'll dream in my bed while silly thoughts
  • And when I wake to­mor­row I'll bet
  • 'Cause I can tell that we are gonna be fri­ends.
  • Yes, I can tell that we are gonna be fri­ends.
  • run through my head of the bugs and al­pha­bet.
  • that you and I will walk together again.