• Hörverstehen_Role Models
  • mareikegloeckner
  • 30.06.2020
  • Englisch
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    Who is Bryan´s role model?
    • Tupac
    • Kanye West
    • Eminem
    • Jay Z
    Why is he a role model to Bryan?
    • he was rich
    • he represents the streets and tried to change something
    • he was successful
    • he published many records
    Bryan chose the song because
    • it is the most successful of his songs
    • he likes the beats
    • it is a positive image of women
    • the words are well chosen
    Tick the correct answer.
    When Bryan listens to his songs, he feels sad.
    He feels understood and can relate to his songs.
    His songs show him another way to look at everyday problems.
    Sum up in 1-2 sentences what Bryan says about Tupac´s death.