• Describing an image
  • damianduchamps
  • 30.06.2020
  • Mittlere Reife
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Vintage Travel Poster Ontario Canada


To describe this image also look at the title.

  • What was the image made for?

  • What does it show?

  • Who is it from?

  • What does it show?

The image "Vintage Travel Poster Ontario Canada" was made for ... It was made to show people ... It isn't a photograph, it's a ... The poster is about ... To make your description more interesting use: In the foreground/background/middle ground you can see/ there is/are ...On the right/left side ...There is/are ... on the right/left side.Next to the ... there is/are ...Behind/ in front of ... there is/are ...The color of ... is The weather is ...It all looks very ...