• Cohesion and Connectives
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  • 30.06.2020
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Sti­cking Text Together

In the simp­lest terms, co­he­si­on is the pro­cess of lin­king and con­nec­ting sen­ten­ces together. Co­he­si­on is con­side­red the re­la­ti­on­ship bet­ween two ele­ments (clau­ses, words, or phra­ses) in writ­ten or oral text.


(koʊˈhi ʒən) n.

1. the act or state of co­he­ring, uniting, or sti­cking together.

2. the mo­le­cu­lar force bet­ween par­ti­cles within a body or sub­s­tance that ac­ts­to unite them.

3. Bot. the con­ge­ni­tal­uni­on of one part with another.

4. Ling. the pro­per­ty of unity in speech or wri­ting that stems from links among sur­face ele­ments, as in the re­fe­rence of pro­nouns to ele­ments in the sur­roun­ding dis­cour­se.


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