• Simple Past or Present Perfect
  • Ulrike_Jentz
  • 30.06.2020
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    Fill in the gaps with e correct form of simple resent or present perfect.

    1. John (have) his bike for ages now and it (not be) new when he got it two years ago.
    2. (ever you be) to Manchester? I (go) there last year.
    3. John (not do) his homework last night. He (do) it now though.
    4. I (do) this puzzle before. However, it (be) years ago.
    5. I (be) late for work this morning. I (never be) late before.
    6. The twins (not have) any breakfast yet, because they
    leave) the house so early.
    7. Jennifer (not do) well in her last examination, so she (just repeat) it.
    8. The timetable (not be) up to date, so we missed the bus.
    9. My mother (not have) a holiday since 2001 when she (go) to Brighton.
    10. The children (not
    do) what they were told to do this morning.
    11. We (already / have) some fish and chips. We (have) them for tea.