• Qualities of a good friend
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  • 30.06.2020
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A good friend ...

° can … (kann)
+ should … (sollte)
++ has to ... (muss)
++ must … (muss)

A good friend ... not ...

° doesn’t need to … (braucht nicht)
° doesn’t have to … (muss nicht)
- should not (shouldn’t) … (sollte nicht)
-- must not … (darf keinesfalls)


Qualities a good friend should (not) have





be honest | kind | forgiving | generous | humorous | ...

live in a big house | apartment | ...

be a good listener

do whatever I say

wear nice clothes

tell my secrets to somebody else

be jealous

only talk to me

be interested in music | sports | other people | ...

have a lot of money | clothes | toys | games | ...

always do the right thing

lie to me

talk with me - not about me

always agree with what I say

laugh with me - not at me

have something in common with me

help me (with my homework | problems | ...)

bully or make fun of others

be different

bring me presents all the time

like the same music | films | books | ...

have other friends as well

share his sandwiches with me

Write down the sentences. A good friend ...

... must be a

good listener.

Now find your own examples.


Good friend or bad friend? Tick what you think is right.


A good friend ...

A bad friend ...

shares everything with you.

makes fun of you.

treats you in a nice way.

listens to you.

doesn't help you when you need it.

only cares about himself / herself.

takes your things without asking.

holds the door open for you.

hits or kicks you.

helps you clean up.

never lies to you.

tells your secrets to somebody else.

is honest.

walks in front of you, not beside you.

cheers you up when you are sad.

forgives you.

laughs at you.

tells the truth.

cheats you.

plays by the rules when you play a game.

tries to do the right thing.

bullies other people.

cares for you when you're in trouble.

sometimes lets you down.

isn't jealous.

is there whenever you need him / her.