• Qualities of a good friend
  • pikous
  • 30.06.2020
  • Englisch
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A good fri­end ...

° can … (kann)
+ should … (soll­te)
++ has to ... (muss)
++ must … (muss)

A good fri­end ... not ...

° doesn’t need to … (braucht nicht)
° doesn’t have to … (muss nicht)
- should not (shouldn’t) … (soll­te nicht)
must not … (darf kei­nes­falls)


Qua­li­ties a good fri­end should (not) have





be ho­nest | kind | for­gi­ving | ge­nerous | hu­morous | ...

live in a big house | apart­ment | ...

be a good lis­te­n­er

do wha­te­ver I say

wear nice clothes

tell my se­crets to some­bo­dy else

be jea­lous

only talk to me

be in­te­res­ted in music | sports | other peo­ple | ...

have a lot of money | clothes | toys | games | ...

al­ways do the right thing

lie to me

talk with me - not about me

al­ways agree with what I say

laugh with me - not at me

have so­me­thing in com­mon with me

help me (with my ho­me­work | pro­blems | ...)

bully or make fun of others

be dif­fe­rent

bring me pres­ents all the time

like the same music | films | books | ...

have other fri­ends as well

share his sand­wi­ches with me

Write down the sen­ten­ces. A good fri­end ...

... must be a

good lis­te­n­er.

Now find your own ex­amp­les.


Good fri­end or bad fri­end? Tick what you think is right.


A good fri­end ...

A bad fri­end ...

sha­res ever­ything with you.

makes fun of you.

tre­ats you in a nice way.

lis­tens to you.

doesn't help you when you need it.

only cares about hims­elf / hers­elf.

takes your things wit­hout as­king.

holds the door open for you.

hits or kicks you.

helps you clean up.

never lies to you.

tells your se­crets to some­bo­dy else.

is ho­nest.

walks in front of you, not be­si­de you.

che­ers you up when you are sad.

for­gi­ves you.

laughs at you.

tells the truth.

chea­ts you.

plays by the rules when you play a game.

tries to do the right thing.

bul­lies other peo­ple.

cares for you when you're in trou­ble.

so­me­times lets you down.

isn't jea­lous.

is there whe­ne­ver you need him / her.