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  • Present Perfect Progressive or Present Perfect Continuous is a tense, which is used to show an action, that has started in the past and continued until now.

    The focus is on the action itselfs not on the result.

    How to build the Present Perfect Progressive?

    have/ has + been + Infintiv + -ing

    Positive: I have been riding for three years.

    Negative: I have not been riding for three years.

    Question: Have you been riding for three years?

    Watch out for signalwords
    • all day
    • the whole day
    • since
    • for
    Fill in the missing words!

    She has been driving for two years. ( to drive)

    They today. (not to play)
    How long soccer? (to play)
    My sister since she was ten years old. ( to ride)
    I netflix the whole day. ( to watch)
    How long english? (they
    to learn)

    Word scramble: Put the letters in the correct order to form the Present Perfect Progressive

    his - been - since - Leon - girlfriend - has - for- waiting - three o'clock

    have - started- chatting - since - they- school - been - not