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  • 30.06.2020
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  • It is a very busy day at the "Stadtbad" today. There are many bathers and Jan Peter's Task for today is to check that everyone behaves correctly. "Die Sicherheit hat oberste Priorität, wenn es so voll ist, Jan!" his master pool attendant tells him. "Dort drüben bei den Rutschen sind ein paar Badegäste aus Australien. Kannst du denen bitte mal sagen, dass Straßenschuhe hier verboten sind?"

    Put the dialogue in the correct order.
    • B: Alright, will do that. Have a good day!
    • A: Sorry, but shoes are not allowed. The ground is slippery and it is not hygienic.
    • A: You can put them in a locker in the changing room. Thank you Sir!
    • B: What do I have to do now?
    • A: Excuse me Sir, you are not allowed to wear street shoes in the pool area.
    • B: Ok. Where can I put my shoes?
    • A: You have to wear sandals or go barefoot.
    • B: Why not? I'm only here to watch my Kids.
    When we give safety instructions, modal Verbs (Modalverben) help us to express the rules. Write down the German meaning of these modal Verbs:







    Match these negative modal verbs to the correct box in the table:
    • - cannot
      - shall not
      - not have to
      - mustn't
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