• Simple Present or Present Progressive?
  • Ulrike_Jentz
  • 30.06.2020
  • Allgemeine Hochschulreife
  • Englisch
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    Fill in the gaps in the sentences. Use the correct tense form.

    1. Marc (go) to school at the moment.
    2. Marc (go) to school every weekday.
    3. The school bell (ring) at ten to eight every day.
    4. My little brother always (talk) in his sleep. Listen, he (talk) in his sleep, now.
    5. Jim usually (feed) our pets. But I (feed) them today because he's ill.
    6. Ten beautiful tress (stand) in our garden.
    7. What you (do) at the moment ? I (read) an interesting computer magazine.
    8. I can't go out. It (rain).
    9. Hey, can't you see that you (stand) on my foot ?
    10. My father (speak) English and French.

    Fill in the gaps in the questions. Use the correct tense form.

    1. your friends (play) in the garden? No, I can't see them.
    2. Robert always (tell) so funny jokes ?
    3. you (like) football ?
    4. your mother (cook) every day ?
    5. your mother (cook) today?