• Simple Present or Present Progressive?
  • Ulrike_Jentz
  • 30.06.2020
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Fill in the gaps in the sen­ten­ces. Use the cor­rect tense form.

1. Marc (go) to school at the mo­ment.
2. Marc (go) to school every we­ek­day.
3. The school bell (ring) at ten to eight every day.
4. My litt­le brot­her al­ways (talk) in his sleep. Lis­ten, he (talk) in his sleep, now.
5. Jim usual­ly (feed) our pets. But I (feed) them today be­cau­se he's ill.
6. Ten be­au­ti­ful tress (stand) in our gar­den.
7. What you (do) at the mo­ment ? I (read) an in­te­resting com­pu­ter ma­ga­zi­ne.
8. I can't go out. It (rain).
9. Hey, can't you see that you (stand) on my foot ?
10. My father (speak) Eng­lish and French.

Fill in the gaps in the ques­ti­ons. Use the cor­rect tense form.

1. your fri­ends (play) in the gar­den? No, I can't see them.
2. Ro­bert al­ways (tell) so funny jokes ?
3. you (like) foot­ball ?
4. your mo­ther (cook) every day ?
5. your mo­ther (cook) today?