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  • 30.06.2020
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Lis­ten to the song. Fill in the gaps.

This city never sleeps

I hear the peo­ple walk by when it's late

Si­rens bleed through my win­dows­ill

I can't close my eyes

Don't controll what I'm into

This tower is alive

The lights that blind keep me awake

With my hood up and lace un­tied

Sleep fills my mind

Don't con­trol what I'm into

London calls me a stranger

A tra­vel­ler

This is now my home, my home

I'm bur­ning on the back street

Stuck here sit­ting in my back­se­at

I'm bla­zing on the street

What I do isn't up to you

And if the city never sleeps

Then that makes two


Write a short text that shows your per­so­nal opi­ni­on. Would you pre­fer li­ving in a city or in a vil­la­ge at the coun­try­si­de? Give rea­sons.

City of Lon­don sky­line from Lon­don City Hall - Oct 2008 - Ali­gned