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in­di­ca­te some re­la­ti­on­ship bet­ween a noun and some other ele­ment in the sen­tence and are used with:

- noun phra­se or pro­noun (most com­mon­ly)

e.g.: She fell as­leep du­ring the film. ; He went shop­ping with her.

- ad­verb phra­se

e.g.: Until quite re­cent­ly, no one knew who she was.

-a verb in the -ing form

e.g.: Thank you for coo­king.

- a pre­po­si­ti­o­nal phra­se or a wh-​clause

e.g.: Can you wait until after my ap­point­ment? ; I don't like loo­king at what's in­front of me.

Types of pre­po­si­ti­ons:

- TIME (in, on, at, after, until)

- PLACE (in, on, at, under, bet­ween, over)

- DI­REC­TION (into, to, th­rough, to­wards)

- AGENT (by, with)

- IN­STRU­MENT (by, with)

Fill in the cor­rect pre­po­si­ti­ons to com­ple­te the song tit­les!

1. Blin­ded The Light (Mann­fred Mann)

2. Time Time (Cyndi Lau­per)

3. Walk The Wild Side (Lou Reed)

4. Stair­way Hea­ven (Led Zep­pe­lin)

5. Rol­ling The Deep (Adele)

6. Bridge Trou­bled Water (Simon & Gar­fun­kel)

7. Rock The Clock (Bill Haley and the Co­mets)

8. The House The Ri­sing Sun (The Ani­mals)

Ima­gi­ne you are at a crime scene. De­scri­be your pic­tu­re of the crime scene and es­pe­cial­ly focus on the place of cer­tain ob­jects at the scene. Try to use the pre­po­si­ti­ons with dif­fe­rent types of com­ple­ments.
  • e.g.: When was the vic­tim kil­led? Where is the mur­der wea­pon? Where is the fur­ni­tu­re?