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indicate some relationship between a noun and some other element in the sentence and are used with:
- noun phrase or pronoun (most commonly)
e.g.: She fell asleep during the film. ; He went shopping with her.
- adverb phrase
e.g.: Until quite recently, no one knew who she was.
-a verb in the -ing form
e.g.: Thank you for cooking.
- a prepositional phrase or a wh-clause
e.g.: Can you wait until after my appointment? ; I don't like looking at what's infront of me.

Types of prepositions:

- TIME (in, on, at, after, until)
- PLACE (in, on, at, under, between, over)
- DIRECTION (into, to, through, towards)
- AGENT (by, with)
- INSTRUMENT (by, with)

Fill in the correct prepositions to complete the song titles!

1. Blinded by The Light (Mannfred Mann)
2. Time after Time (Cyndi Lauper)
3. Walk on The Wild Side (Lou Reed)
4. Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin)
5. Rolling in The Deep (Adele)
6. Bridge over Troubled Water (Simon & Garfunkel)
7. Rock around The Clock (Bill Haley and the Comets)
8. The House of The Rising Sun (The Animals)

Imagine you are at a crime scene. Describe your picture of the crime scene and especially focus on the place of certain objects at the scene. Try to use the prepositions with different types of complements.
  • e.g.: When was the victim killed? Where is the murder weapon? Where is the furniture?