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  • 30.06.2020
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Look at the map and read the sentences, tick true or false and correct what's wrong.




The pet shop is between the music store and the bakery.

At the corner of School Street and Main Street there's a theatre.

There are two bridges across Hudson River.

There's a big car park in front of the hospital.

There are two traffic lights at the end of Queens Avenue.

The cinema is near the butcher's.

There is an amusement park between the bank and the bakery.

The church is opposite the park and the city hall.

The bus stop is near the roundabout opposite the shoe shop.

The art museum and the science museum are next to each other.

The park is between Park Avenue and Western Way.

The supermarket is behind the police station.

The fast food restaurant is opposite the tourist office on the other side of the river.

Complete the text.

The doctor's is behind the TV station. There's a bakery at the corner of Wall Street and Kings Road. The park is next to the roundabout at the corner of Main Street and Kings Road. The shopping centre is opposite the tourist office.

The zoo is next to the amusement park and the petrol station. Next to the park there's a small café in front of the city hall.

The library is opposite the playground next to the factory. The post office is at the corner of School Street and Main Street. The hairdresser's is opposite the art museum on the other side of Hudson River. The chemist's is not far away from the fast food restaurant. The flower shop is behind the theatre. The record store is across from the swimming pool. Kings Road crosses Main Street.

Follow the way on the map. You are in the tourist office.
Excuse me. How do I get to the library?
That's easy. Turn right outside the door and go across the bridge. Then turn left at the chemist's. Walk along Main Street as far as the roundabout. Cross Kings Road but be careful! There's always a lot of traffic on Kings Road.
Go as far as the traffic lights opposite the police station and turn right.
Walk past the park and the city hall. After the city hall there is a playground. The library is opposite the playground on the other side of Park Avenue.
That's quite a long way. I hope I can remember that. Thank you.
It's a pleasure.
Complete the dialogue. You are at the railway station and want to go to the hospital.
Excuse me. Can you tell me the way to the hospital, please?
Hang on. That's quite a long way. Let me think for a moment.
Alright. Walk up Queens Avenue as far as the traffic lights.
Turn left into Kings Road. Walk past the florist's and cross Main Street at the zebra crossing. Walk past the boutique and the science museum and cross the bridge. After that turn right into Black Road. Go past the TV station and the doctor's. The big building next to the doctor's is the hospital.
You can't miss it.
Thanks for your help.
That's okay.
You're at the supermarket. Somebody wants to post a letter and asks you for the way to the nearest post office. Write down your answer.