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  • 30.06.2020
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Monday, 10th September:

Hey there everybody! My friend Lisa and I have arrived in New York today and I must say – this city is brilliant! It took us five hours to get here by plane. JFK airport is the biggest airport I have ever seen!

I think everything in this city is bigger than usual.

We are staying in a small hotel near Broadway for seven days. The hotel staff is very nice and helpful. Tomorrow we are going to visit the Empire State Building and I am so looking forward to it!

Find the different tenses in the text. Underline the verbs with different colours for each tense.
You should look for these tenses:
  • Present Simple
  • Present Progressive
  • Present Perfect
  • Past Simple
  • Going to - Future

Tuesday, 11th September:

Good afternoon! Today we have already visited the Empire State Building. The view down onto the city was amazing, but there were lots of people and we had to wait for a long time to get on top of the building. Did you know that the Empire State Building was the tallest skyscraper in the world until 1972? It was sunny and warm all the time, but on top of the building it was very windy! So if you want to go there one day – take a jacket with you!

At the moment I am sitting in our hotel room, but we are going to take a walk through Central Park later.

Wednesday, 12th September:

Good morning! Yesterday we went to Central Park and in the evening we saw the musical “Lion King“ in one of the famous Broadway theatres. The show was fantastic! Especially the costumes were great and I really liked most of the songs. Our walk through Central Park was relaxing, but we nearly got lost! It is the biggest park in the world and there are so many paths and trees that you can lose your way easily! Today we have already been to Macy’s to do some shopping and I’ve bought some souvenirs for my parents. Later we are going to visit some other sights like the Brooklyn Bridge or Times Square.

And we are going to have one of the famous New York Style hot dogs at Gray’s Papaya! Yummy!