• Comma Rules
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  • 30.06.2020
  • Allgemeine Hochschulreife, Berufsschulabschluss, Mittlere Reife, Volkshochschulkurs
  • Englisch
  • 8, 9, 11, 12, 13
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Comma Rules

a sym­bol, used in wri­ting to se­pa­ra­te parts of a sen­tence sho­wing a slight pause, or to se­pa­ra­te the sin­gle things in a list

1. Use a comma to se­pa­ra­te in­de­pen­dent clau­ses

- You should use a comma be­fo­re a coor­di­na­ting con­junc­tion (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so) when it con­nec­ts two com­ple­te ideas (in­de­pen­dent clau­ses).


1. Mary and I went to the pet shop, and she bought two dogs.

2. I need to do my ho­me­work, but I also have to wash the dis­hes.

- If the se­cond grou­ping of words isn’t a com­ple­te thought (-> if you do not have a sub­ject and a verb in both clau­ses), do not use a comma.


3. You could go to the gym and af­ter­wards to the party.

4. He tried to eat a cock­roach but could not do it.

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Now it is your turn! In­sert the com­mas at the right place.
  • Jef­frey lost his keys so he could not get into his house.
  • Her best fri­end fre­a­k­ed out and she was not able to calm her down.
  • My boy­fri­end wants to tra­vel the world but I would ra­ther stay at home.
  • I enjoy sit­ting in the gar­den and rea­ding.

2. Use a comma to set off non­restric­ti­ve clau­ses

- You should use a comma to en­clo­se clau­ses which are not es­sen­ti­al to the me­a­ning of a sen­tence. These no­nes­sen­ti­al clau­ses are cal­led non­restric­ti­ve. Clau­ses which are es­sen­ti­al are cal­led restric­ti­ve.


1. My brot­her, who is a very lazy boy, watches te­le­vi­si­on all day.

2. The puppy, which is very cute, sleeps a lot.

3. The girl who holds the bas­ket­ball is my best fri­end.

Your turn again! Plea­se in­sert the com­mas at the right place.
  • The as­tro­naut who first step­ped on the moon was Neil Arm­strong
  • My mum who is the lo­ve­liest per­son I know is angry at the mo­ment.
  • The horse which is black is a very fu­rious one.
  • The fa­vou­ri­te co­lour of Anton who is my best fri­end is blue.