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Listen to the text and choose the right answers.

Where does the mini marathon take place?
  • London
  • New York
  • Mannheim
  • Greenwich
How are Luke and Gwen running?
  • They're keeping up with each other.
  • They're holding hands.
  • Luke is faster than Gwen.
  • Gwen is faster than Luke.
Who is more nervous?
  • Luke
  • Gwen
Why are there two runners in a fancy dress?
  • It's carnival.
  • They want to be funny.
  • They're running for charity.
What does Gwen think about the runners in the fancy dress?
  • They aren't taking this seriously.
  • They're clowns.
  • Their costumes are cool.
  • They're getting in her way.
Why is Gwen in pain?
  • Her stomach hurts.
  • She twisted her ankle.
  • She can't breathe.
  • She has a cramp.
What happens before the finish line?
  • Gwen and Luke fall.
  • Gwen and Luke have a cramp and stop running.
  • Gwen and Luke take a photo.
  • Luke lets go of Gwen's hand.