• Vokabulary Test C8
  • gaerch
  • 30.06.2020
  • Mittlere Reife, Sonstige
  • Englisch
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Complete the gaps with the correct words. Mind the forms.
>> syn; >< opp; Def; Dt: Deutsch.
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1. The line between two countries or areas is a Border . (Dt. Grenze).
2. A factory produces cars. >> to make.
3. The scenery of Yosemite Park is awesome! (>> landscape).
4. Michigan has an average temperature of -12 °C. Dt. Durchschnitt.
5. Football stars do a lot of charity (> give money to the poor).
6. Borussia Dortmund tried to defend Lewandowsky. (Dt. verteidigen)
7. Would you be interested in going to Florida with me this summer? (Dt. interessiert sein)
8. Disneyland and Disney World are theme parks Freizeitpark.
9.There are many roller coasters there. Achterbahn.
10. He experiencedsome pain in his arm last year. (Dt. erleben,erfahren.)
11. The Space Shuttle was launched from Cape Canaveral. (> to start a rocket).
12. Put away your cell phone ! (>> mobile (US)).
13. I can't resist chocolate cake. (Dt. widerstehen).
14. A violent storm with strong winds is called a hurricane . (> violent storm).
15. The U.S. flag has 13 stripes and 50 stars. (Dt. Streifen).
16. What's the temperature? It's 20 degrees Celsius. (Dt. Grad).
17. Don't be mad! I'm only kidding . (Spaß machen).
18. I'd like to live in Florida. It's called the sunshine State. (Dt. Sonnenschein).
19. But I wouldn't like to swim in the sea. It's full of sharks.(> A fish with big teeth.
20. Martin Luther King organized a campaign.(>> drive).