• Vokabulary Test C8
  • gaerch
  • 30.06.2020
  • Mittlere Reife, Sonstige
  • Englisch
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Leg­as­te­nie/LRS: Zeit­ver­län­ge­rung er­hal­ten:

Com­ple­te the gaps with the cor­rect words. Mind the forms.
>> syn; >< opp; Def; Dt: Deutsch.
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1. The line bet­ween two coun­t­ries or areas is a Border . (Dt. Gren­ze).

2. A fac­to­ry produces cars. >> to make.

3. The scenery of Yo­se­mi­te Park is awe­so­me! (>> land­scape).

4. Mi­chi­gan has an average tem­pe­ra­tu­re of -12 °C. Dt. Durch­schnitt.

5. Foot­ball stars do a lot of charity (> give money to the poor).

6. Bo­rus­sia Dort­mund tried to defend Le­wan­dow­sky. (Dt. ver­tei­di­gen)

7. Would you be interested in going to Flo­ri­da with me this sum­mer? (Dt. in­ter­es­siert sein)

8. Dis­ney­land and Dis­ney World are theme parks Frei­zeit­park.

9.There are many roller coasters there. Ach­ter­bahn.

10. He experiencedsome pain in his arm last year. (Dt. er­le­ben,er­fah­ren.)

11. The Space Shut­tle was launched from Cape Ca­na­ve­r­al. (> to start a ro­cket).

12. Put away your cell phone ! (>> mo­bi­le (US)).

13. I can't resist cho­co­la­te cake. (Dt. wi­der­ste­hen).

14. A vio­lent storm with strong winds is cal­led a hurricane . (> vio­lent storm).

15. The U.S. flag has 13 stripes and 50 stars. (Dt. Strei­fen).

16. What's the tem­pe­ra­tu­re? It's 20 degrees Cel­si­us. (Dt. Grad).

17. Don't be mad! I'm only kidding . (Spaß ma­chen).

18. I'd like to live in Flo­ri­da. It's cal­led the sunshine State. (Dt. Son­nen­schein).

19. But I wouldn't like to swim in the sea. It's full of sharks.(> A fish with big teeth.

20. Mar­tin Lu­ther King or­ga­ni­zed a campaign.(>> drive).