• Inside life on a reservation
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  • 30.06.2020
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Hinweis zum Einsatz im Unterricht

zu verwenden mit dem YouTube Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSeXSDw29S4

We are going to watch the video again in three parts. After each part you will get time to tick off the right answer or fill out the gaps.

This is how you will work on each part of the video:
° Read all questions and answers carefully before watching. Sometimes more than one answer can be correct!
° Watch the sequence.
° Tick off the right answer. When you have finished, try to answer the optional questions on the right as briefly as possible. Then compare your results with your partner.

Part 1 (0:00 - 0:41)


Which tribe do Robert’s ancestors belong to?
  • the Pueblo
  • the Lakota Sioux
  • the Apache
  • How old is Robert?

  • What does his long hair mean?
How does Robert spend his spare time?
  • He takes part in the student council.
  • He participates in traditional dances.
  • He plays basketball.
  • He plays American Football.

Part 2 (0:41 - 2:25)


Who does Robert live with?
  • his cousins and his grandmother
  • his parents and siblings
  • his cousins, his uncle and his grandmother
  • How many kids live in Robert's room?

Which problems do they have in their home?
  • There's no money to repair what is broken.
  • There is no electricity.
  • The ceiling is leaking.
  • The floor is broken.
What is his dream in life?
  • buying a big house for his family
  • becoming President of the USA
  • studying at a university

Part 3 (2:25 - 3:31)


What problems are there on the reservation?
  • Many kids do not finish school.
  • Many adults are unemployed (do not have work).
  • Many adults are addicted to alcohol.
  • Write down a few adjectives to describe the reservation.

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