• Mardi Gras
  • SelinaG
  • 30.06.2020
  • Englisch
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A. Before watching - tell your partner what you already know about Mardi Gras.
B. While watching - tick the correct answer.
C. Aftrer watching - check with your partner.
D. What are your plans for Carnival. Talk to your partner.

1. Preparations for this day begin  

o weeks and months ahead.  

o months in advance.

2. For the bakers early monrings are

o new.    

o nothing new.

3. The king cake has a

o tiny dog inside.  

o tiny baby inside.

4. They make as many as

o 15 cakes a day.

o 50 cakes a day.

5. Whoever gets the figure has to

o eat it.  

o buy next years cake.

6. The costumes are for the

o social organisations.

o socialist organisations.

7. She works

o a gew weeks on costumes.

o year round on costumes.

8. The carnival exhibit is in

o Jakes square.

o Jackson square.

9. The knights of Sparta Krew was founded in

o 1915

o 1951.

10. The Krews captain

o does reveal his identity.

o does not reveal his identity.

11. The tradition of Carnival is to

o mask.

o dance.

12. It is very

o cheap to belong to a Krew.    

o expensive to belong to a Krew.

13. Warehouses come to

o life.  

o love.

14. The floats cost

o hundreds of dollars.  

o hundreds of thousands of dollars.

15. It can take a

o year or more to create a float.  

o months or more to create a float.

16. It is very hard to have Mardi Gras

o without music.

o without dancing.

17. Any musician growing up in New Orleans is

o shaped by Mardi Gras.

o made by Mardi Gras.

18. The fourth leg of a table "MARDI GRAS" is

o music.

o candy.