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  • 30.06.2020
  • Englisch
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  • Parts of speech & simple present
    Write down the correct definition of the parts of speech.
    [Schreibe die richtige Erklärung für die Satzbestandteile auf]




    / 8
    Mark the nouns, verbs and adjectives in the following text in different colours/ with different symbols.
    [Kennzeichne alle Nomen, Verben und Adjektive im folgenden Text mit unterschiedlichen Farben oder Symbolen.]
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    • My friend Mark was born in a small town in the north of Canada called Dooly. Mark grew up a happy and interested boy. He was a good student in school who studied carefully for all his exams and got very good grades. When it came time to go to university, Mark decided to move to the United States in order to attend the University of Oregon.
    Write down the verbs in simple present.
    [Ergänze die Worte im simple present.]
    / 6

    a) He (watch) football.
    b) The bee (fly) away.
    c) The dog (catch) the stick.

    d) The baby (cry) a lot.
    e) Danny (do) his homework.
    f) Kate (go) training on Fridays.

    Put the parts of the sentence in the correct order.
    [Bringe die Satzbestandteile in die richtige Reihenfolge.]
    / 4
    • plays - Ben - hockey - every Sunday
    • meet - the boys - after school - I
    • has got - Peter - a dog
    • Paul and Tom - new shoes - have got
  • 5
    Fill in the correct forms in simple present.
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    a) David (go) to school by bike.
    b) He (have) an old bike.
    c) Dylan and John (go) to school by bus.
    d) They (play) football on Wednesdays.
    e) They (have) a goal at home, too.
    f) Their dog usually (sleep) on the sofa.
    g) But it (have) its own basket, too.

    Write down negative sentences. Use the correct form of do.
    [Schreibe verneinte Sätze auf. Verwende dazu die richtige Form von do.]
    / 5

    a) Chloe (live) in New York.
    b) Her school lessons (start) at 8:00am.
    c) She (meet) her friends in the cafeteria.
    d) They (have) English lessons together.
    e) Chloe (like) her maths teacher.

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