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Um die Lizenzinformationen zu sehen, klicken Sie bitte den gewünschten Inhalt an.
Issues raised by Raina

In the novel different issues like body image, peer pressure, self-esteem, fitting in, loyalty and betrayal are raised.


You are Raina and you use your instagram account to speak openly about these topics.

Work alone

Choose one of the topics mentioned above.
Find a panel in the novel that fits to the topic.
Tell your teacher which panel you have chosen, so that she can copy it for your instagram account.
From Raina's point of view. Write down
a) what happened
b) how it made you feel
c) how you would react/ behave, if it happened to you again
d) what lesson you learned for life
Add suiting hashtags (#).

Work with partners

Meet with three more students of your class who chose the same topic.
Exchange your ideas.
Talk about similarities and differences in your way of presentation.