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  • Michael Kohl
  • 30.06.2020
  • Englisch
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    Mr McGuinness is from Ireland, ?
    The car isn't in the garage, ?
    You are John, ?
    She went to the library yesterday, ?
    The trip is very expensive, ?
    Hugh had a red car, ?
    Dogs don’t like milk, ?
    Tim always sings in the bathroom, ?
    You are going to go to Munich tomorrow, ?
    It’s a nice day today, ?
    Your parents sometimes read the newspaper, ?
    You didn’t have a nice weekend, ?
    Sue wasn’t here yesterday, ?
    Tom and Mary have a brother, ?
    Jenny didn’t buy a book, ?
    You have got a white cat, ?
    Children love chocolate, ?
    You can’t play soccer today, ?
    I’m not in your class this year, ?
    We don’t walk to school, ?

  • Sally isn’t going to buy a new shirt, ?
    You haven’t got a ruler for me, ?
    Mike’s father bought a car, ?
    Sally isn’t cleaning her room right now, ?
    Tony doesn’t like maths, ?
    She can open the window, ?
    Hey, Mary ate my hamburger, ?
    The Millers are on holiday, ?
    The boys are nice, ?
    Mona writes interesting stories, ?
    You don’t like yoghurt, ?
    I’m late, ?

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