• If-clauses type 1 & type 2
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  • 30.06.2020
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If I un­der­stood the dif­fe­rent if-​clauses...

What are if-​clauses?

If-​clauses are con­di­ti­o­nal clau­ses .


The hap­pe­ning in the main clau­se (clau­se wit­hout the if) can only take place when the con­di­ti­on is ful­fil­led in the if clau­se.

The dif­fe­rence bet­ween type 1 & type 2
If clau­se type 1

It is pos­si­ble and very pro­ba­ble for the de­scri­bed si­tu­a­ti­on to hap­pen.

Struc­tu­re: if + simp­le pre­sent, will- fu­ture
(will+ in­fi­ni­ti­ve)

Ex­amp­le: If I study ever­y­day, I will pass all my exams.

If clau­se type 2

It is pos­si­ble but ra­ther un­li­kely for the de­scri­bed si­tu­a­ti­on to hap­pen.

Struc­tu­re: if + simp­le past, con­di­ti­o­nal 1 (=would + in­fi­ni­ti­ve)

Ex­amp­le: If I stu­di­ed ever­y­day, I would pass all my exams.

Noti­ce: The main clau­se can also stand in the be­gi­ning !

Ex­amp­le: I will pass all my exams if I study ever­y­day.

Ex­amp­le: I would pass all my exams if I stu­di­ed ever­y­day.

If you un­der­stand them, you will use the if-​clauses!
Com­ple­te the sen­ten­ces. De­ci­de whe­ther to use if clau­se type 1 or if clau­se type 2.

If you com­ple­te the task now, you a movie tonight. (watch)

We will book the flights today, if we for a de­sti­na­ti­on now. (de­ci­de)

If I the lot­tery, I would buy mys­elf a new house. (win)

If he cat­ches the train, he on time for the lec­tu­re. (be)

She say that if she were your fri­end.

If Bey­on­ce loves if-​clauses, you will love them too!


Lis­ten to the song twice. Make sure to lis­ten ca­re­ful­ly!

a) Which type of if clau­ses does Bey­on­ce use when she talks about what she would do if she were a boy?

b) Below you can find an exerpt of the ly­rics of If I were a Boy. Fill in the gaps and make sure that you use the right type of if clau­se!

If I were a boy

Even just for a day

I out of bed in the mor­ning

And throw on what I wan­ted and go

If a boy

I think I could un­der­stand

How it feels to love a girl

I swear I a bet­ter man

If I were a boy

I my phone

Tell ever­y­o­ne it's bro­ken

So they that I was slee­ping alone