• An incident at a restaurant
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  • 30.06.2020
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Read these texts. Underline all the words you don't understand and look them up in a dictionary.
A funny evening at the Hard Rock Restaurant (by Lea, 2b)

Last month my family and I went to a beautiful restaurant in Linz named “The Hard Rock Restaurant”.

This restaurant has a very good reputation. In fact it's the best restaurant in town - that's what the people say.

I don't know if that's true, at least it is an expensive restaurant. Very expensive. We went there because it was my brother Julian’s birthday and we wanted to eat in a noble restaurant that day.

We were very excited when we entered the restaurant. When we got inside, a waiter showed us to a table for four. It smelled delicious in the restaurant and our mouths were watering. “Enjoy your evening!” the waiter said and smiled. On the tables there were flower vases with guitars on them and everything looked very nice.

A waitress brought us the menu and some minutes later she came again and asked “Are you ready to order?” “What would you like as a starter?” “A salad for me, please,” said my mum. “For me the same, please,” said my dad. “Thanks, I'll wait for the main course!” said my brother and I said “I’ll take the tomato soup”.

The waitress went into the kitchen and twenty minutes later she brought us our starters. Then we started eating. Suddenly my dad stopped eating. “What’s the matter?” my mum asked. “What's that?" my dad shouted.

"There is a bee in my salad!” He was shocked. The people at the table next to our table were shocked as well because dad had shouted so loudly. "I hope it is already dead", somebody murmured. My mum was very embarrassed and her face went red. I started to laugh because it was a really funny moment for me.

My dad looked at me and started to laugh, too - and then we all laughed together.

Misfortune at the Purple Pearl (by Magdalena, 2a)

Last week my family and I went to a restaurant called "The Purple Pearl". We went there for celebrating the end of the Corona shutdown. The restaurant was very beautiful and probably the most expensive restaurant in town.

My mum wore her most beautiful dress and my whole family was looking forward to a special evening.

When we went inside a very young and friendly waitress showed us to our table. We had a very nice view on the lake which was in front of the restaurant. Then we sat down and my father said, ”It smells delicious”. I thought he was right and answerded "I also like the decoration very much".

Five minutes later the waitress came and asked, ”Are you ready to order?” As an aperitif my parents took two glasses of sparkling wine and my brother and I got two cokes. Then my father ordered two noodle soups and two crab cocktails for our family as a starter. A few minutes later we got our starters. They tasted wonderful.

“What would you like as a main course”, the friendly waitress asked after a while. I ordered chicken and chips,

my brother took a steak with salad and my parents wanted the salmon with potatoes and mixed vegetables.

We had a very nice conversation and laughed a lot during the time we had to wait for our meals.

Then my family and I enjoyed our main courses. The plates were decorated very attractively and the food tasted excellent. Next my father ordered two glasses of red wine and when the young waitress served the drinks, the accident happened. The waitress stumbled and spilled all the wine on mum's favourite dress!

Nobody said a word and I thought that my mum would get very angry. The waitress was completely shocked and apologized hundreds of times. But my mum began to laugh and said “Don't worry. It’s okay, that can happen.

I am so happy that we can go out and see people again. A dirty dress is much better than sitting at home alone and being isolated for another month.”

The owner of the restaurant invited our family for a dessert and paid the cleaning of mum’s dress.

After all it was a very nice evening and we enjoyed it very much.

I will never forget that day and the time when we couldn't go to restaurants because of the Corona crisis.


Read the sentences and tick true (T), false (F) or not in the text (NITT).
People say the Hard Rock Restaurant is the best restaurant in Linz.
Lea went there with her family because it was her birthday.
When they entered the restaurant a waitress showed them their table.
Lea liked the silver knives and forks on the table very much.
The vases on the tables had violins on them.
Lea ordered a tomato salad as a starter.
Lea's dad liked his starter very much.
When Lea's mom saw the insect she felt sick and went to the toilet.
The fly on dad's plate was already dead.
Lea had a lot o fun that evening.
Answer the questions.
  • What was the name of the restaurant Magdalena went to together with her family?
  • Why did they go there?
  • What did Magdalena's mum wear that evening?
  • How does the text describe the waitress?
  • What could they see when they looked out of the window next to their table?
  • What drinks did they order?
  • What did they order as a starter?
  • What happened when the waitress brought the wine to their table?
  • Why didn't Magdalena's mum get angry with the waitress?
  • What did Magdalena and her family order for dessert?