• A brief history of the United States
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  • 07.11.2022
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A Brief History of the United States
Sort the events in their right order and put in the missing words.
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    The election of Americas first President, George Washington.
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    Settlers come the United States and start the first colony called____________________________________.
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    In the Civil War the _______________ North fought against the South for the slave's freedom.
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    The Americans exploited slaves to work for the big farmers.
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    As a countermovement to the Civil War the ____________________ and the __________________ was formed.
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    The war between the colonies and Britain was in _________________ and led to the Independence of America
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    in _____________________ Rosa Parks started a revolution and stood up against segregation.
Talk to your partner and use the internet if necessary. Who is//What are the following people//concepts?

Rosa Parks

The Declaration of Independence