• A talk at Mount Rushmore, 4th of July 2020
  • kico20
  • 27.09.2020
  • Englisch
  • 9, 10
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  • watch the video for the first time

    What kind of a video is this?


    Which special (US-American) day is it about?

    Scan me to watch the video :)
    optional: Take notes on what you know about that day (e.g. where is comes from and what happens on that day in the USA today).

    watch the video again until 2.02

    What's the topic of T.'s speech?
    • the coronavirus in the USA
    • people protesting against racism
    • the importance of the American history
    • people taking down statues all over the country
    What's the connection to our topic in class? (You can guess here)
    Do the worksheet (Indigenous People's Resistance...) to find out why people were protesting.
    optional: Pick one of the Presidents from Mount Rushmore, and do research about their history with Native Americans. Summarize your findings in German. If you want, you can present this to the class.