• A trip that went wrong
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  • 28.05.2023
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A really bad day

Yesterday was a really bad day. My friends and I had planned a trip to a theme park and I was really looking forward to it. But when packing my bag to go there, I realised that I had no pocket money left, so I needed to ask my parents for some extra money. They told me to clean the garage to get some extra money, so I started to do that. While cleaning the garage, I dropped a box of tools, so I had to clean up even more.

Finally, I could leave home with the money I needed and took the bus to the city centre. The bus was packed with passengers and the people were annoyed just trying to get in. Sitting on the bus, I remembered that I had left my phone at home, so I couldn't call my friends to tell them that I was late. My friends tried to call me, but they couldn't reach me, starting to worry and becoming angry at the same time.

I was so late that we all missed the train to the theme park. While walking back from the train station, nobody said a word.

Read the text and underline all participle clauses you can find. After underlining them, write down all participle clauses below.
Read the text and un­der­line all par­ti­ci­ple clau­ses you can find. After un­der­li­ning them, write down all par­ti­ci­ple clau­ses below.
Als ich meine Ta­schen pack­te, um dort hin­zu­ge­hen...
Wäh­rend ich die Ga­ra­ge rei­nig­te, ließ ich eine Werk­zeugskis­te fal­len.
Die Leute waren schon nur vom Ver­such hin­ein­zu­kom­men ge­nervt.
Wäh­rend ich im Bus saß, er­in­ner­te ich mich...
und sie be­gan­nen sich Sor­gen zu ma­chen und sauer zu wer­den zur sel­ben Zeit.
wäh­rend wir zu­rück­ge­lau­fen sind, sagte kei­ner ein Wort
Translate the participle clauses into German. Discuss and compare your results with your neighbour.
Write a text about a trip that went wrong.
  • write at least 10 sentences
  • include as many participle clauses as possible
  • use ideas from the mind map and the tip box below

While packing my bag I .... ; While waiting for the train he / she dropped...

The girl sitting opposite me suddenly looked at me angrily...

Somebody wearing a blue cap asked me a queston...

I heard a boy running towards me...