• Tenses used in travel blogs
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  • 30.06.2020
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    Identify the tenses. Use different colours to underline the verbs.
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    Going to - Future
    Past Simple
    Present Perfect
    Present Progressive
    Present Simple
    • 1. At the moment I'm having a nice pizza at 'Tony's Kitchen'.
    • 2. We are going to climb the Matterhorn tomorrow.
    • 3. This city is absolutely fantastic!
    • 4. In the morning we took a public bus to the city centre.
    • 5. We are going to spend the following days on bicycles.
    • 6. After a very good nine-hour sleep, I felt ready for the day.
    • 7. Have you ever eaten Sushi?
    • 8. I'm sitting in a railway station waiting for my train to Bath.
    • 9. Is there any other way to describe Scotland?
    • 10. We have finally arrived at our destination, the Plaza hotel.
    Fill in the gaps. Use the tenses from exercise 1.
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    1. Did you know that Big Ben once the biggest bell in the world? (be)
    2. We already two museums: the British Museum and Tate Modern. (visit)
    3. Tomorrow I a ride on the London Eye. Yippee! (have)
    4. I never to a Greek restaurant before. (be)
    5. Right now we London from above. (watch)
    6. St. Paul's Cathedral so far me away with its beauty and its history. (blow)
    7. Yesterday John and I to the Tower of London to the crown jewels. (go, watch)
    8. Tomorrow we a look at London's highest building. (have)
    9. What are you doing? I the ravens and the beefeaters! (feed)
    10. What you for your parents? I don't yet. (buy, know)

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