• EVA task 28/3/2017
  • patrick_breuer
  • 30.06.2020
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Re­se­arch on cu­l­tu­ral glo­ba­li­sa­ti­on

Goog­le the term cu­l­tu­ral glo­ba­li­sa­ti­on and read through some de­fi­ni­ti­ons. Then write down your own de­fi­ni­ti­on.
In­form your­sel­ves about cu­l­tu­ral glo­ba­li­sa­ti­on by fol­lo­wing the lea­ding ques­ti­ons below!
  • Do eco­no­mic and cu­l­tu­ral glo­ba­li­sa­ti­on com­ple­ment each other? How?
  • What di­men­si­ons are in­flu­en­ced by cu­l­tu­ral glo­ba­li­sa­ti­on? (e.g. lan­guages, tra­ve­ling, food...)
  • How does cu­l­tu­ral glo­ba­li­sa­ti­on im­pact in­di­ge­nous peo­ple?
  • Can you find po­si­ti­ve as well as ne­ga­ti­ve aspec­ts of cu­l­tu­ral glo­ba­li­sa­ti­on with re­gard to local as well as a po­ten­ti­al­ly emer­ging glo­bal cu­l­tu­re (key word: pa­ra­do­xi­cal di­cho­to­my)?
  • What is meant by the term glo­bal vil­la­ge? Is there an ac­tu­al glo­bal vil­la­ge in the real world?

If you get lost in the vast ex­pan­se of the in­ter­net, plea­se con­sider the fol­lo­wing web­site: