• Adjective or Adverb
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  • 05.02.2021
  • Englisch
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Complete these sentences with the correct forms.

1:Sarah was very (anger) so she yelled at her mother.
2: Steve can not meet his friends, so he is very (lonely).
3: Turtles are very (slowly), but they can live a very long life.
4:In winter you should wear a coat, since it is (freezer) outside.
5: Bill hasn't eaten breakfast yet, so he is very (hunger).
6: (honest), you have to try this chocolate. It tastes (heaven).
7: Whenever I get bored, I read a (interest) book.
8: It can be very (annoyed) to have someone constantly talk to you.
9: John went to bed late, so he is (tiring) all day long.
10: Mr. Smith (rude) walked past me, without saying hello.